Sunday, October 25, 2009

4/12/11: Turkish speedwell (thanks andrea, see comments). A delicate and hardy little groundcover.

Veronica liwanenis


  1. Does it have a smell? Maybe it's a creeping mint?

  2. I think this is one of many tiny veronicas, or speedwell if you prefer.

  3. Thanks Andrea. I found this list of did say "many" didn't you? These might not all be tiny. I'll try to check them out.
    Veronica allionii
    Veronica alpina
    Veronica americana
    Veronica anagallis-aquatica
    Veronica armena
    Veronica auream
    Veronica austriaca
    Veronica bachofenii
    Veronica beccabunga
    Veronica blue
    Veronica bombycina
    Veronica caespitosa
    Veronica cantiana
    Veronica caucasica
    Veronica chamaedrys
    Veronica christy
    Veronica cinerea
    Veronica crystal
    Veronica cuneifolia
    Veronica dabneyi
    Veronica darwins
    Veronica exaltata
    Veronica fairytale
    Veronica filiformis
    Veronica foxy
    Veronica fruticans
    Veronica fruticulosa
    Veronica gentianoides
    Veronica giles
    Veronica goldwell
    Veronica grandiflora
    Veronica grandis
    Veronica gutheriana
    Veronica guthrieana
    Veronica high
    Veronica incana
    Veronica kelleri
    Veronica kiusiana
    Veronica kotschyana
    Veronica liwanensis
    Veronica longifolia
    Veronica montana
    Veronica nummularia
    Veronica officinalis
    Veronica oltensis
    Veronica orchidea
    Veronica orientalis
    Veronica ornata
    Veronica pectinata
    Veronica peduncularis
    Veronica petraea
    Veronica ponae
    Veronica porphyriana
    Veronica prostata
    Veronica prostrata
    Veronica pseudocinerea
    Veronica pseudolysimachion
    Veronica reavis
    Veronica repens
    Veronica rotunda
    Veronica rupestris
    Veronica saturejoides
    Veronica schmidtiana
    Veronica serpyllifolia
    Veronica sonja
    Veronica spicata
    Veronica spuria
    Veronica subsessilis
    Veronica surculosa
    Veronica telephiifolia
    Veronica thessalica
    Veronica thymoides
    Veronica umbrosa
    Veronica wherryi
    Veronica whitleyi
    Veronica wormskjoldii