Monday, May 24, 2010

June 12 update: Deptford Pink (Dianthus armeria)

I feel pretty sure that this is it. And deer don't like it according to one website that says;
"The foliage of members of the Pink family tends to be high in saponins and unattractive to mammalian herbivores."


  1. Some type of phlox, maybe?

    BTW, I just picked up the book "Botany in a Day", and so far I'm loving it. It looks like something you might find useful.

  2. One wonderful thing about wildflowers is their infinite-seeming variety. But that variety comes with a price: my wildflowers may not be your wildflowers if we live in different regions, even different habitats within a region. So part of wildflower id, unlike the ubiquitousness of cultivars, is habitat and region: shade or sun? dry or water? season of blooming? Area of country (NE, coast west, interior west, upper midwest, high plains, etc.)
    And also must include at least the foliage, if not the fruit and sometimes even root-style.

    I am from Nebraska and garden with our native plants: grasses and "forbs" (flowering plants),
    and was inspired by Sara Stein and then the California Native Plant Society before moving here.