Thursday, June 17, 2010

4/12/11: Cleavers, Clivers, Goosegrass, Stickywilly, Stickyjack, Stickyweed, Stickyleaf, Catchweed, Robin-run-the-hedge or Coachweed

Little itty bitty white flowers.

I think brianheagney, see comments, has ID'ed it. These are all the common names used for this weed, according to Wikipedia. Galium aparine. 4/21/12 update: A new vote has come in. Patricia Newport (see comments) says this might be Galium tricornulum. I need to do some close examination to see which one it is. Does it produce 2-7 tiny white flowers OR 3 drooping tiny white flowers? This plant may be confused with other weed species of Galium, especially Galium tricornutum and Galium divaricatum. G. aparine has 2-7 tiny white flowers on erect stems up to 2.5 cm long, G. tricornutum has usually only 3 drooping tiny white flowers on shorter stems, up to about 1.5 cm long, and G. divaricatum, a more erect plant, has 3-12 yellowish red flowers. From here. The International Environmental Weed Foundation, in Sydney, Australia.


  1. I'm wondering if this one isn't related to spotted spurge.

  2. I have this one, too. It might be a type of chickweed.

  3. I believe it's a type of "cleaver"/"goosegrass"/"bedstraw":
    it's most edible when it's young, as it gets older it gets stickier and is swallowed more difficultly.

  4. Galium tricornutum. Also known as "Cleavers". It's in the coffee family, and primarily found in gardens.